Why Train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Pittsburgh,  Muay Thai, MMA, Youth Martial arts and Kettlebells?

Why Train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Pittsburgh, Muay Thai, MMA, Youth Martial arts and Kettlebells?

Top Reasons to Try Stout Training Pittsburgh – MMA, Youth Martial Arts, Kettlebells fitness, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Pittsburgh

1.Quality of instruction

Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Pittsburgh Program is the only one in the area affiliated with a Gracie Family Member. We are Team Renzo Gracie. Our instructors learned directly from the source in Brazil, NYC and other BJJ hotbeds. Our MMA program is not simply repackaged, watered -down parts of other fighting arts. It is true Mixed Martial Arts as practice by team Renzo UFC champs such as Edgar and George St. Pierre. Our fitness program goes beyond Crossfit workouts with training methods and solid technique. Our Muay Thai instructor is one of the most experienced in the United States. Our youth programs are not the same old karate and tae kwon do programs that you see everywhere. But, don’t take our word for it. Contact us now and see for yourself!

2. Training Methods

Our curriculums have been refined over years of teaching experience to get you the best possible learning opportunity. We have programs designed for different levels from complete beginner to advanced competitors. Tell us where you fit and and come by to try some training at your pace.

3. Facility

Our new, large facility promotes safety with our Zebra Mat cage room and our large mat room with Dollamur grappling mat. These are the mats and setups used by the US olympic judo and wrestling training facilities respectively and the cage is the same one used by UFC fighters at the Renzo Gracie NYC school. Both of these rooms where disigned by martial artists and athletes to be the cleanest, safest, and best training enviroments possible. We have men’s and women’s shower rooms and a comfortable lounge area.

4. Location and The most class-times

We are located close to Downtown Pittsburgh in “The Strip District”. There is easy access from almost all location in the greater Pittsburgh area including the neighborhoods of Lawrenceville, Shadyside, Fox Chapel, and Aspiwal. We are also close to Universities such as University of Pittsburgh ( Pitt ), Robert Morris, and CMU. Many of our members drive for over and hour several times per week because they enjoy the quality of the place. Map us from where you are and come for a visit during our open hours. We know you are busy. We have the most Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes and open training times of anyplace in the area.  Our other programs also have many different class-times to choose from.   We are not a part time school!

5. Environment

If you just drank 3 protein shakes with anabolic enhancers, kicked your dog, and are hoping someone is “gonna mess with you” on Carson Street tonight, then we are not the place for you. If you want to call your teacher “Sensei”, treat him/her like a cult leader, and become a 10th dan blackbelt after 3 years we are not the place for you. Our members are diverse but enjoy a common attitude toward training. Come and see what makes us special.

No-gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (submission grappling class)

No-gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (submission grappling class)