Our self-defense program is based on Craig Douglas’s System. Craig has instructed members of Law Enforcement, FAA, undercover DEA, Spec ops military, and Security personal for Government officials all over the USA as well as many non-professionals. Learn more about Craig and his program at In Pittsburgh, Shawn Lupka has maintained Craig’s longest running training group. This class is an extension of that program. The class is a mixed martial arts approach to self-defense situations. It is ideal for beginners with no martial arts experience as well as experienced martial artists who want to use their martial art in self-defense contexts. For example, a Jiu Jitsu practitioner can learn how modifications are needed for strikes and edged weapons situations. Strikers can learn to clear out of entanglement situations where there are obstacles and weapons involved. This class can make you safer and give you a broader perspective of the arts we practice at StoutPGH. These classes are free to all members at StoutPGH and non-members can participate as well for a fee.

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