Renzo Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Renzo Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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This is where beginners start. It is so beneficial to learn jiu jitsu correctly from the beginning. Like Roger Gracie (all time winningest bjj competito and current UFC fighter) said: “Jiu Jitsu is simple; you just have to do it right”. The technique taught in this program is applicable to self defense and sport. Most of the techniques are done on the ground. Safety i The goal is to give members a strong technical base that will allow them to continue in any direction there goals take them. Members also develop physical conditioning and skills necessary to do movements in jiu jitsu. Everyone goes at his/her own pace and you will get in better shape ! We designed not only the technique, but also our class structure and training methods with the beginner in mind.


“Blue Belt”/Intermediate

One of our most important principals at Stout Training Pittsburgh is constant improvement. We want members to keep progressing. Members move into this program after being in the fundamentals program, or, if they have previous jiu jitsu or grappling experience. Many continue to do fundamentals classes in addition to the Intermediate level classes which is encouraged. Technical lessons from the Fundamentals program are expanded upon. Takedowns and techniques from standing are taught ( offense and defense) including some techniques borrowed from wrestling and judo. We also offer unstructured ( open mat ) times for people at this level to train or drill techniques. Usually it will take a beginner between 5 and 8 months to move from the fundamentals program to the Intermediate level.


A Black Belt is a white belt who didn’t quit. Renzo says it in this way: “Through endurance we will conquer. If you have been doing BJJ for a while with us or elsewhere you probably have personal goals. We’ll help you reach them by exposing you to the area’s best training partners, the best technique, personalized coaching, and encouragement. Our black belt instructor as well as guest instructors/friends (have included Bjj world champs, NCAA wrestling all-americans, and top ADCC grappling competitors, the likes of Daniel Gracie, Dave Esposito, Roger Ambrosi, and Gary Tonnon) are serious about our students being the best they can be.

How To Get started and Trial Options

If you have less than six months experience in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or grappling then we offer a free trail intro class. This free class will be a hands on lesson which will introduce you to 3 key concepts that make jiu jitsu such an effective fighting art. Fill out the form below to schedule your free class. It will be done on an individual or very small group basis. We have prescheduled intro classtimes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. We can also schedule one-on-one intro classes at your convenience, and again it is absolutely free with no obligation. There is nothing to loose by trying and you will gain a better understanding of BJJ, fighting, and mixed martial arts by doing the class.

If you have more than 6 month experience in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Grappling then you know what you are looking for and you know a good place when you see it. We offer you a free week trial of unlimited classes (appropriate to your experience level of course). There is no gimmick sales tricks and no hard sell. This isn’t the ubiquitus “30 day free trial” that many Martial Arts places are using as a sales tactic. We hope you will like our place and become a member. If not then a least, you have some experience you will share with us and provide our members some value during your trial in exchange for training with us. Fill out the contact form below and let us know when to expect your visit or just stop by 15 minutes before a scheduled class and you can get started.

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