Chris Romito - Purple Belt

I have trained jiu jitsu at numerous gyms throughout the county, and this is my favorite place to train. The atmosphere is very different from a typical MMA gym. Every student and the instructor Warren Stout has a smile, and that alone made me feel welcome from the first day. The professor has a talent in explaining his sequences of techniques in a way I could easily understand and he explains concepts with amazing detail. These are traits few instructors have. The curriculum is highly structured and is different for each level. The training center is very clean and they have amazing training partners that are not only friendly but are also the top in the area. I would highly recommend this gym.


The best place to train (In Pittsburgh), bar none!

Daniel Gracie – Pride Veteran, Belator Veteran, Trainer to several UFC fighters

I joined Stout PGH – Team Renzo Gracie in October 2012 and have been training there 4-6 days a week ever since. I regularly attend the BJJ, conditioning, and MMA classes. I have experienced a great deal personal growth through training BJJ and I urge anyone who is on the fence about joining, to take the plunge. Team Renzo Gracie Pittsburgh is the place to be.


Stout PGH – Team Renzo Gracie has been a safe space where I feel totally supported by my coaches and teammates. When I was a white belt, they provided brilliant intruction and a well-structured curriculum that allowed me to develop my basic skills. As a blue belt, my instructors helped me build MY game and offered opportunities to compete and challenge myself. As a purple belt, the gym continues to offer the widest array of skilled training partners and instruction that keeps me progressing. I’ve also met some of my best friends through the school.

MARY CARTER – Jiu Jitsu Brown belt

Brooke Mazzeo - Parent

My two teenage boys and I have been training at Stout for over two years. During that time one of our primary instructors has been Logan Stout. My boys describe Logan as a methodical and concise instructor that puts a lot of focus on proper technique. I would agree with this and add that Logan has a very interesting style often teaching his students how to "chain" techniques/attacks together. He does a good job correcting mistakes during training without making someone feel stupid. I can really appreciate that! We have really enjoyed the drill classes that Logan often teaches. He takes the time to incorporate some of his own style and flair keeping those classes interesting and challenging. He does a very good job of translating his lifelong experiences in BJJ, wrestling and competition into his teaching style. I always enjoy Logan's classes and appreciate his hard work and dedication to teaching something that my family has come to really enjoy.

Dan Puhala - Game and Forest Official