We offer classes in Thai Boxing and Western Boxing. Four basic reasons people START a striking based martial art like boxing, muay thai, karate or kickboxing.

1.) To get in shape, maintain fitness, and loose weight.

2.) To challenge themselves with new skill acquisition

3.) Participate in sport competition.

4.) Learn an important component of self-defense 


What Makes us different

If you go to one of the many “fitness” boxing and kickboxing gyms that have sprung up recently, you can get in shape. But at these gyms you won’t learn to fight any better than you will at a yoga class. On the other side of the spectrum there is the grungy boxing gym ( think rocky movies). It’s often disorganized, sometimes lacks cleanliness, and, caters to a small clique of regulars.   At Stout PGH we have an active fight team.  We also recognize that not everyone wants to spend the time and risk to be a competitive fighter.  Come and experience our unique atmosphere for yourself.

Our Classes

We offer classes for beginners, intermediate students, and advanced students in Boxing and Muay Thai Kickboxing.  We also offer western boxing ( hands only, no kicks elbows, knees ) classes.  We have “bag” classes that emphasize power and getting a workout over skill acquisition, we also offer a clinch class every week that focuses on the grappling striking interface that is so important in traditional Muay Thai.  We offer the most class times of any place in the area.

Our Environment

Some of our members, after training for a while decide that they DO want to compete.  For those people we offer some of the best support and training for  Thai Boxing (often called Muay Thai) , kickboxing, western boxing and Mma training in the Pittsburgh area. On the other hand there are those who have fought or have trained to fight decide they would rather step out of the sport aspect and keep developing skills in classes. We do not believe in cliques within our team.  Moms, busy executives, and teens with the appropriate skill levels, train alongside fighters. We de-emphasize certain cultural aspects such as flags and rituals that can promote cult like environments in Martial Arts.  After all a uniform, a headband, or a special tattoo do not make you an authentic martial artist.  We believe dedication, and learning means authenticity in Thai boxing ! We are part of Team Renzo Gracie and continue to learn and train with the high level team from NYC.  Technically we are open minded to new innovations as well as traditional aspects of Thai Boxing (also called Muay Thai).  We strive to create a space where men and women can feel comfortable and focused.  If you want all the things listed above , and you want to be in a friendly, inclusive, positive, and service based environment, then Get in touch.  We’ll help guide you to the types of classes or training we offer that fits best for YOU.

Start your training

Meet Our Instructors

Want to work with instructors who are dedicated expert, experienced fighters, conducted themselves professionally, AND care about all our students? Look no further than Stout PGH.