Why Choose Stout PGH for MMA?

Stout PGH offers Pittsburgh MMA training with a technical focus.  We offer classes for the beginners and also organized practices and individual coaching for the area’s top  fighters (both amateur and pro). The popularity of MMA has grown dramatically in Pittsburgh and today, it’s transforming how people view martial arts.  If you’re a fan and want to give it a try, or,  if you’re already an MMA fighter, come see what sets us apart from other gyms in the area.  Get access to our highly skilled coaching staff as well as a full team of training partners behind you. See for yourself why our team is so successful. Our fighters and most of our non-competitor members interested in Mixed Martial Arts also train with us in Jiu Jitsu and Thai Boxing and Western boxing.  Our MMA classes are open all levels of experience and are based on techniques and methods used by Renzo Gracie’s world-class team.  In these classes you’ll focus primarily on learning the technical aspects of MMA with little live training and no sparring.  For those preparing for a fight we have organized practices multiple times a week.  We often bring in coaches who have trained UFC champions to help with our fighters’ training.   All serious MMA fighters train in various specific disciplines, including Brazilian jiu jitsu, wrestling, boxing, Muay Thai and more.  Today, some gyms and martial arts schools teach pieces of these various arts and call it MMA training.  Here, we focus on techniques specific to MMA, such as controlling an opponent against the cage.  We also offer world class training in the above mentioned specific disciplines.

Want to Fight?

In addition to our public MMA classes, we also have one of the area’s best MMA fight teams, which includes both professional and amateur fighters.  Our training area features a Zebra Mat cage, Zebra Mats and heavy bags.  Most importantly, you’ll work with excellent training partners including experienced professional fighters, black belt jiu jitsu competitors, NCAA Division I wrestlers, experienced boxers, and Muay Thai competitors. We take pride in the structured practice and technical coaching support we offer for our team.  We also have access to the best fighters in the world and often send our members to NYC, Philadelphia, and California for special training camps. Whether you’re interested in self-defense applications of MMA, are a fan who wants to learn some technique or you plan to get in the cage to fight, Stout Training offers the most technical Pittsburgh MMA training. We’re here to help you get started. Click below to see our multiple class times, intro options, or just to ask us a question.

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“The Best place to train [in Pittsburgh ], bar none!”

– Daniel Gracie – Pride Veteran, Belator Veteran, Trainer to several UFC fighters



“In August 2017 I took the leap of faith and did an intro private in the Striking program.  I was really bad and didn’t know how to punch and kick. I had not been an athlete in the past.  At no point did I feel uncomfortable with the instructors or training partners.  They where so supportive. I started BJJ a little later with the goal to fight someday. The coaches have gone above and beyond what their jobs are to get me where I am today (down 120lbs, 1-0 amateur Mma record, several Jiu Jitsu tournament medals).  They truly love what they do.  It’s the best gym in the world and I’ll keep saying that until I die!”

-Marty Simmons

Stout PGH Fighter Training Policies

With the growth of the MMA community in Pittsburgh we are happy to have more athletes come to Stout PGH to train than ever before. These are the policies we expect our fighters and fighters visiting from other gyms to follow.
Saturday MMA Practices:
  • Open to all Stout fighters and students with coaches approval
  • Open to fighters from other local gyms in good standing with Stout PGH
  • Open to other fighters with approval from a Stout PGH coach
  • Stout PGH coaches may remove any fighter from practice
  • Fighters must have adequate striking abilities to attend
Amateur Fighters:
  • Must have an active membership to train in Stout PGH classes regardless of other gym affiliations
  • Must use gym shorts or have gym logo on fight shorts in competition
  • Must be taking classes to fight
  • Must set up fights through gym/ coaches
  • Need at least five fights and preferably at least one title fight to turn pro
Professional Fighters:
  • May train for free, but must:
  • Use Stout gym shorts or have gym logo on fight shorts in competition regardless of other gym affiliations
  • Post about training at gym on social media at least once a month
  • Abide by gym policies and represent gym well

Meet Our MMA Instructors

Our MMA instructors are some of the area’s best and most exciting fighters. But most importantly, they are excellent at passing along their knowledge to their students. They are an elite group, and it shows in the quality of their classes and the skills of their students.