Leg Locks Grappling/BJJ Seminar Pittsburgh -Warren Stout

Leg Locks Grappling/BJJ Seminar Pittsburgh -Warren Stout

lionLeg locks are very effective and are also high-percentage submissions in competition.  Leg lock techniques are an areas that, for several reasons, we do not focus on at beginner (white and bluebelt) levels. I feel like I have had some of the best leg lock teachers in the game (Danaher and Shawn Williams) and also have competed against some of the best leg lockers in tournaments (Davi Ramos) and in training at Renzo Gracie NYC.  I’d like to expose everyone to this interesting group of submission techniques.

leg lock

leg lock position at Shawn Williams Seminar in Pittsburgh 2011

We will focus on leg lock attacks and defense for no-gi Brazilian jiu jitsu and submission grappling.  The main focus will be the straight ankle lock.  We will also look at some general leg lock theory and and overview of heel hooks.  This seminar style class is open to members of Stout Training Pittsburgh -Team Renzo Gracie only.  Participants must have the rank of 3 stripe white belt or higher or have special permission to attend.  Seminar starts at 3:30pm on March 1st, 2014 (Saturday).  It will be approximately 2 hours.  Please reserve your spot by emailing renzograciepittsburgh@gmail.com.