Brooke Mazzeo

Brooke Mazzeo has been training in the Aerial program at Stout since 2021. Prior to that she worked as a rock climbing coach at a local rock climbing gym. Now you’ll find her and her family at Stout in Zeli any chance they get whether it’s when she’s working at… Read More

JoEllyn Hixson

JoEllyn Hixson (Jo) has lived in the Pittsburgh area all her life and currently resides in Zelienople, just 3 minutes from the Stout PGH North gym! Jo started training aerial silks in November of 2021 and began training aerial hoop in June of 2022. Since then, she has fallen in love… Read More

Kristel Johanning

I felt in love with aerial silks in 2018 since then I have been always learning. I train with my coaches from Costa Rica twice a week . When I have the opportunity To travel I look for a class of aerial silks to try different methods and learn from… Read More

Tabitha Swift

Please give a warm welcome to our newest Aerial Arts Instructor Tabitha Swift! Tabitha relocated to Pittsburgh, PA in January 2022 from Bakersfield, California. She may be new to the area but is not new to teaching Aerial Arts! Tabitha is an accredited instructor with Xpole and Cirqfit. She started… Read More

Christopher Brookins

Chris is a Muay Thai coach at Stout PGH and has trained and competed in Muay Thai and Boxing for over 14 years, including the opportunity to compete for a U.S. Amateur Muay Thai title. He was originally attracted to Muay Thai given its weapon-set, i.e. 8 Limbs, which featured… Read More

Jeff Zayas

Jeff started training rudimentary Brazilian Jiu Jitsu while going through the Army Combatives program in 2006. When I got off of active duty, I began training Jiu Jitsu while enrolled in an undergraduate program at Carnegie Mellon University and then in 2012 at Stout PGH. After some layoffs due to… Read More

Shawn Lupka

Shawn began his martial arts training through firearms instruction and competition shooting in 2005 and acted as Western PA host for the world’s premier firearms instructor cadres for several years. In 2010 Shawn began training contact weapons and combatives under the tutelage of Craig Douglas . Shawn began training… Read More

Gabriel Goldman

Gabe is a Muay Thai and striking coach at Stout PGH. He first started training Muay Thai under Jarret Church in Richmond, Virginia in 2003. While in Virginia, he had his first two amateur muay thai fights – winning his first fight with a TKO and second with unanimous decision. Read More

Daniel Stapinski

Daniel Stapinski, commonly referred to as “Sage” by students in both youth and adult programs, is one of Stout PGH’s youth instructors as well as teaching several adult level classes. He started jiu jitsu as a fresh high school graduate at the original Butler St. location back in 2010. He… Read More


Marc is a professional fitness trainer with over 10 years of experience training clients ranging from Division 1 College athletes, chronic disease patients, and everything in between. Marc received his Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology from The University of Pittsburgh in 2012. He is also a dedicated and active Brazilian… Read More