Stout Fights BJJ NOGI Superfights at The Maverick by Kasa

Stout Fights BJJ NOGI Superfights at The Maverick by Kasa

Our BJJ Superfight Series makes a return to the heart of Pittsburgh at the newly rebranded The Maverick by Kasa in East Liberty on July 24th, 2022 with doors opening at 3 pm, first match at 4 pm. Featuring up to 24 submission grappling (NOGI Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) “Superfights” this card is sure to be a great action packed event. Tickets are on sale now for $60. Make sure to select the name of your favorite grappler to support them!
Our tentative lineup (Subject to Change) is listed below:
Blue Belt
1 Tucker Rogers Kaleb Watts 140 lbs
2 Karli Jo Thomas Jess Elizabeth 145 lbs
3 Marko Brnjic DJ Sims 330 lbs
4 Marcus Whitney Sean Barrett 240 lbs
5 Tim Hunkley Bryson Jensen 170 lbs
6 Molli Zborowski Maiah Yankello 145 lbs
7 Hunter Collarik Christian Shaffer 175 lbs
Purple Belt
8 Joaquin Alvarez Cody Hummel 170 lbs
9 Joey Torres Ron Snee 150 lbs
10 Nick Sutton Aldo Garcia 175 lbs
11 Michael Roberts Dillon Weston 170 lbs
12 Devan Quitter Claire Butterfield 135 lbs
13 Jonathan Coffman Chaka Worthy 150 lbs
14 Aaron Sutton Phil Marra 175 lbs
15 Michael Mirra John Antanitis 210 lbs
Brown Belt
16 Donny Swarmer Zach Humbertson 185 lbs
17 Mike Ross Chase Boyd 205 lbs
18 Max Hanson Nick Imkamp 175 lbs
20 Danilo Burgerner Eric McAlpine 190 lbs
21 Trenton Zdarko Tanner Hall 200 lbs
Black Belt
22 Emil Fischer Johnny Boswell 205 lbs
23 Sean Foster Mark Farrell 165 lbs
24 Danie McGuire Chris Dempsey 215 lbs
25 Stefanie Kopacz Bridget Grace 155 lbs

You can purchase tickets at, or order the PPV at


We are hosting headliner Bridget Grace the day before for a Women’s Only BJJ Gi Seminar. You can get more info here:


Additionally the day of the event, we are hosting lead commentator Shawn Williams for a NoGi Seminar on Straight Ankle Locks. You can get more info on that seminar here:

This is shaping up to be a great weekend of jiu jitsu, we are excited for you to join us!