Daniel Gracie Seminar Weekend

Daniel Gracie Seminar Weekend

On the weekend of January 28th & 29th Stout PGH will be hosting Daniel Gracie for a two part seminar weekend. On Saturday January 28th join us for a “Modifying Jiu Jitsu for MMA” workshop open to everyone but all amateur & professional fighters are highly encouraged to attend. Daniel has numerous fighters competing at the highest level including Sean Brady, Pat Sabatini, Andre Petroski & others. This workshop will start at 12  pm and run for two hours. Cost is $50. The next day, on Sunday January 29th, we will have a BJJ seminar in the gi, open to all belt levels at 12 pm and will run for two hours. Cost for the gi seminar only is $65. Participants can also register for both sessions for $90.


Sign up links here:

MMA ONLY: https://stouttrainpitt.com/product/daniel-gracie-jiu-jitsu-for-mma-only/

GI BJJ ONLY: https://stouttrainpitt.com/product/daniel-gracie-jiu-jitsu-gi-seminar/

BOTH SESSIONS: https://stouttrainpitt.com/product/daniel-gracie-seminar-weekend/