Reasons why our members love doing Jiu Jitsu with us


It’s the most efficient total body workout

You get a great strength workout, your heart-rate remains high to increase endurance, and you’ll improve balance, coordination, mobility, flexibility, and learn to control breathing–all while having fun and hardly realizing you are working.

It’s fun and popular

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ( BJJ ) is one of the fastest growing sports worldwide and is enjoyed by people of all ages, including men and women. Many members love the challenge and special camaraderie that jiu jitsu brings and others seek to enter formal competition. BJJ is an integral (perhaps THE integral) part of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and events such as UFC are among the most popular spectator sports in the world.

It’s essential to serious self-defense training

Those who must defend themselves, including police and military, have universally adopted jiu jitsu techniques and principles. Even proponents of weapon-based self-defense systems often use jiu jitsu. Most fight situations and many self-defense situations end on the ground. We have the honor of having members of all the various branches of law enforcement in the Pittsburgh area train with us.

Different Training for Different Levels

Because every person who trains in Jiu Jitsu is unique, we’ve optimized our class and training structure, so everyone can progress at his or her own pace. We offer three levels of classes with both gi and no-gi training at all levels.

Top-Quality Instructors

We’ve built our strong reputation in the Pittsburgh area by providing the very best quality BJJ instruction. Our instructors’ accomplishments in competitions and in other areas of training speak to our high level of excellence. Experience for yourself how their passion for teaching can help you reach your highest potential in a way that works for you.

Renzo Gracie Association

We are not just Pittsburgh’s only school affiliated with a Gracie family member, we are also part of the exclusive Renzo Gracie association. Our Renzo Gracie family includes many of the world’s best BJJ competitors and MMA champions including Georges St-Pierre, Frankie Edgar, Gregor Gracie, Roger Gracie and the Estima brothers, among others. Our members regularly travel to the main NYC academy and we welcome visitors from all over the world who are members of other RGA schools. A gym can’t simply apply to be a Renzo Gracie affiliate. It is an exclusive group and one of the world’s strongest teams, where all schools have and owner/instructor who trained under Renzo and his head instructors in NYC. Warren Stout, the head jiu jitsu instructor is a Renzo Gracie Black Belt.

Unique Atmosphere

Every BJJ school has its own style, and we’re no exception. We strive to be respectful and organized. At the same time, we maintain an environment that is generally informal but focused. We see ourselves as a group of friends—a community that knows how to have fun but that keeps the focus on working together to help everyone excel to their full potential.

Excellent Facilities and Convenient Locations

Our facility was designed specifically for Brazilian jiu jitsu. Our Strip District school has the largest mat space in the area.  We have men’s and women’s restrooms and showers. We are located in Pittsburgh’s Strip District, less than a mile from Downtown Pittsburgh, and in Cranberry Township, north of Pittsburgh. We have the most class times for jiu jitsu in Pennsylvania so that you can train  consistently on your schedule

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“I have trained jiu jitsu at numerous gyms throughout the county, and this is my favorite place to train. The atmosphere is very different from a typical MMA gym. Every student and the instructor Warren Stout has a smile, and that alone made me feel welcome from the first day. The professor has a talent in explaining his sequences of techniques in a way I could easily understand and he explains concepts with amazing detail. These are traits few instructors have. The curriculum is highly structured and is different for each level. The training center is very clean and they have amazing training partners that are not only friendly but are also the top in the area. I would highly recommend this gym.”

Michael Drumeller – Bjj Purple Belt

“Stout PGH – Team Renzo Gracie has been a safe space where I feel totally supported by my coaches and teammates.  When I was a white belt , they provided brilliant intruction and a well-structured curriculum that allowed me to develop my basic skills.  As a blue belt, my instructors helped me build MY game and offered opportunities to compete and challenge myself.  As a purple belt, the gym continues to offer  the widest array of skilled training partners and instruction that keeps me progressing.  I’ve also met some of my best friends through the school.  ”

Mary Carter – BJJ Purple Belt

“I joined Stout PGH – Team Renzo Gracie in October 2012 and have been training there 4-6 days a week ever since. I regularly attend the BJJ, conditioning, and MMA classes. I have experienced a great deal personal growth through training BJJ and I urge anyone who is on the fence about joining, to take the plunge. Team Renzo Gracie Pittsburgh is the place to be.”

Cameron Sumner – Medical student & BJJ blue belt

Meet Our Instructors

Our instructors are professionals who are passionate about Jiu Jitsu. They ensure that you’re always learning and striving toward your goals. Our reputation is built on great instruction, so we’re very proud of the high quality classes we provide. Some of our instructors are also the area’s best competitors in the sport of Jiu Jitsu.

Why is Jiu Jitsu Training so Popular?

Quite simply, it improves people’s lives by building strength, balance, confidence, and community. At Stout PGH our instructors have been learning, teaching and training in Pittsburgh for 10 years. We teach all levels, from beginners to black belts.  With the most class times offered in the area, you can train on your terms, as your schedule permits. “I look forward to helping you get started with BJJ  at our school. Come visit us and see what makes us like no other gym in the region.” – Warren Stout