Avoiding the February drop-off

Avoiding the February drop-off

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January, it’s a two week rave in your local gym. What do you call them, the ‘revolution-ers’? And then that first long weekend in January roles around and you skip Monday, which turns into you playing ‘catch up’ all week, and somewhere around February 7 you let it go. Summer is so far away, anyway.

Here is the thing, we don’t want you to drop off. You made your resolution for a reason and there is nothing worse than 2017 rolling around and you starting over – again. So how do you avoid the cliff? Here we go…

Make some measurements. Write down your weight, your inches, your current workout routine, and/or your current clothing sizes. Keep track of what loads you are using in the gym (i.e. how much weight you’re using, how many reps, how long you are doing sets for, rest periods, etc). Writing these things down helps you track your progress, it encourages you to want to keep moving forward, improve your numbers and see how far you have come. Mostly, it keeps you accountable. If you have it written down, you have tangible evidence that you have a goal and the only way to achieve that goal is to not give up exercising.

Work out with people. There have been so many times that I wouldn’t have gotten out of bed if someone wasn’t waiting for me to get my butt up to do work. Your network will push you harder in the gym and force you to keep showing up. This can amp it up a bit, instead of only being accountable to yourself, you are now accountable to your workout squad. To not only show up but to slay that work out.

Lucky you, we came up with a fool-proof solution for you: 2016 TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE.
It starts in the nick of time on February 1. $129 unlimited training for 8 weeks. Body measurements will be taken Saturday, Jan 30, half way through, and at the end. We will measure: thigh, hips, waist, arms, chest, and calves inches along with weight and body fat. AND we take attendance and strength improvements into account. The people with the best improvements take home the prizes:

1st place: 6 months free, 100 bucks cash
2nd place: 3 months free, 50 bucks cash
3rd place: 1 month free, 25 bucks cash

If you are already a member, this all comes with your membership! Come in and check it out, and keep on moving.

Emily Kulakowski YSS Coach CSCS