What to Expect and What’s expected of You when you are NEW to jiu jitsu.

What to Expect and What’s expected of You when you are NEW to jiu jitsu.


It’s often said that what we put out we get reflected back to us. It’s natural to have a certain

Amount of fear when first starting jiu jitsu. It’s important that you recognize this as natural and inevitable while taking steps to make yourself feel more comfortable. While everyone is different, here are some common steps you can take that will make your start in jiu jitsu fun, interesting, and positive:

  1. Don’t think you are coming to fight or even compete. Adopt a mindset that you are going to Experiment with complex mental and physical skills.
  2. Don’t expect to master or even understand everything at the beginning. I’ve been on the mats for most of my life and I still learn new things and find some skills difficult. Adopt an open observational and experimental mindset.

….. now that you have the right mentality let’s get into some detail suggestions that might help you.

3. If anything makes you uncomfortable please don’t be shy about telling an instructor. They may be able to suggest something more comfortable.

4. Try to select a partner that is similar in size and has more experience. If you come to class with a friend and feel comfortable training with your friend go with them.

5. As with all athletic endeavors don’t eat right before class.

6. Wear clothing that stays in place. Compression shorts, bras and underwear are recommended as are shorts or tights that tie securely. We sell specialized clothing , uniforms and have a limited number of uniforms for loan.

What’s expected of you?

  1. Practice good hygiene.
  2. Take off all jewelry and secure long hair.
  3. Clip nails
  4. Do not come to class if you feel sick in any way. Even a small sniffle, scratchy throat, or skin rash should keep you temporarily out of class.
  5. Do not talk about controversial subjects or anything that may make people uncomfortable. Jiu Jitsu is a more personal activity than most and as a fighting art it’s important that emotions are under control.
  6. If you have any physical limitations let your partner and instructors know. Almost everyone has them and they can be worked around.
  7. Let an instructor know if you have any major heath issues such as autoimmune disease, heart problems, or recent concussions as some examples.

One more tip: you don’t have to be in your best shape to do jiu jitsu. Go at your own pace and physical fitness will develop over time. Our class levels are designed to progressively build cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, mobility, balance, and body control in a gradual manner and at your individual pace.

Jiu Jitsu is a unique environment that is very different than most people encounter otherwise in life. It involves very close contact, friendly and overt competition, exposure to mental and physical stress, and often exposure to people who you may not encounter in your normal circles. Hundreds of thousands of people all around the world find that it is life affirming and also gives a calm confidence that they carry in life. We at Stout PGH provide an environment to get a great start. Follow the tips above to have your best beginning experience!