These classes are for anyone who wants to learn specific components of MMA not taught in our other programs.  Some examples are:  striking from the ground,  getting takedowns with punches as a setup, defending takedowns against the wall or cage.  Most people do another program such as jiu jitsu or Thai boxing/Striking and use the limited schedule of mma classes as a supplement to fill in knowledge.  There is no sparring in these classes although practitioners should be away that we sometimes do limited competitive grappling situations and there may be light contact strikes occasionally.  This class is for people of any age or shape.  We encourage our  mma fighters to attend these classes to improve their technique.

MMA Fighter/Competitors training

We have organized practices for fighter.   We have a deep group of fighters of all sizes and varying skill levels.  We also regularly bring in coaches such as Bob Meese (UfC champion Cody Garbrant’s striking coach) and Daniel Gracie (UfC 14-0, Sean Brady’s jiu jitsu and mma coach).  We also travel to train with Team Renzo Gracie NYC team.  If you are a fighter looking to get a team behind you and reach your full potential we are Pittsburgh’s best option and a world class training environment!  If you have some experience in other martial arts like wrestling, boxing, and/or jiu jitsu and want to try mma Stout PGH is the place for you.  Our coaching staff includes striking coaches, black belt jiu jitsu coaches, experienced mma fighters (one with 60+ pro fights and another with more than 10 pro fights, to mention a couple), Division I and DII former nationally ranked wrestlers, and amateur boxing  champions.





  • MMA Techniques - 7:00 PM


  • MMA Techniques (Held at Strip District location) - 7:00 PM


  • MMA Techniques (Held at Strip District location) - 11:00 AM