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Have you been frustrated with takedowns? Do you always HAVE to pull guard or wait for your opponent or training partner to get the initiative from the standing position? Alternatively, maybe you are a former wrestler who can easily take down many Jiu Jitsu players only to find yourself in a submission.

In this video course, we cover some of the best uses of the the head inside single leg takedown. Why the Head Inside Single Leg?

  1. It’s the most commonly applied offensive takedown in submission grappling and Jiu jitsu across all levels and weight classes.
  2. It’s movements are relatively easy to learn, unlike many throws and trips.
  3. It can be applied to many scenarios from the feet and from bottom positions.
  4. It is also an important part of self-defense, gi Jiu Jitsu and MMA.

Who is the author of the video?

I‘m Warren Stout. I was a nationally ranked wrestler in High School and wrestled for Leigh University, a top Division program. After graduating, I was picked to go to Brazil to live with Rolles Gracie to help him with his takedowns. I earned my blackbelt in 2010 from Renzo Gracie. I have built successful schools with national level Jiu Jitsu competitors and MMA competitors. I’ve competed at top level events in submission grappling and Gi Jiu Jitsu.   I’ve beaten top competitors over the past 10 years in competition and the head inside single leg has been one of my main weapons I’ve used successfully. Most recently, I went up against the next generation at ADCC trials and was able to be successful on my feet with some of the best young  submission grapplers. I also fought some amateur MMA bouts in which I got takedowns and won. I never had exceptional athletic ability and have dealt with many injuries. This has shaped my thinking on what takedowns work best for those who are not endowed with exceptional attributes like strength, speed, flexibility, etc. By learning the head inside single leg as presented here with me, you will:

  1. Have a sound strategy for offensively taking the competition to the ground.
  2. Be more effective at sweeps and escapes from the bottom that utilize the single leg.
  3. Understand how to think about overall strategy into which the single leg fits.

While this course is geared toward the beginner, I believe skilled Jiu Jitsu players who may lack knowledge of offensive takedowns will benefit. It may also benefit skilled wrestlers in technique selection and some aspect of dealing with submission attempts. This course is meant to be applied to the submission grappling environment but many parts can be applicable to gi Jiu Jitsu, MMA, and/or Self Defense.

In a recent interview where the great Roger Gracie chatted with the most successful no-gi grappling coach of all time, John Danaher, John said that the biggest weakness he wants to exploit going forward is the lack of knowledge and skill of athletes transitioning from the feet to the ground. John is one of my teachers and a true visionary. Listen to John if you don’t take my word for it and study the feet to floor transition to get an edge over your opponents and training partners!

“I met Warren Many years ago.  He stayed with me in Brazil where he taught me wrestling and I taught him Jiu Jitsu. I’m very glad that I had this experience, Warren is a very patient and has an impressive ability to break down the techniques so that they are smooth to learn. Mr. Stout approached Jiu-Jitsu in the same manner  and now he’s a great coach with a vast knowledge in both wrestling and Jiu Jitsu. I highly recommend anyone to get his Head Inside Single leg course”Rolles Gracie (ADCC silver medalist, IBJJf World medalist gi, often considered the best wrestler in the Gracie family of his generation)


“This course was worth every penny!! I’m a 46 year old blue belt, I was not a wrestler in my younger hears and struggle with the feet to floor transitions in Jiu Jitsu. This course gives you the skills to develop an offensive takedown and open up other opportunities.  I think it will be a great resource for all levels as it is for me.”  –Chris Romito

I’ve studied the head inside single as a competitor and as a teacher for decades now. Because I am not going through a third-party, I can offer this course to you at a lower price of just $27. Click below to get immediate digital access to the course.