Shawn Williams Advanced Small Group Seminar


Shawn is known for being an innovator of modern Jiu Jitsu starting with the “Williams guard” and “Near Side Underhook” passing. He’s also been influential in developing leg pummeling that most elite competitors are now using including most notably Gordon Ryan. If you’ve attended Shawn’s seminars in the past you know that he is one of the most personable and detail oriented instructors in Jiu Jitsu. This seminar followed by open Q& A will be special in that it is reserved for purple belts and above (or by special invitation) on Sunday May 1st at 1 pm in at our Strip District location at 2626 Railroad St Pittsburgh, PA 15222. The seminar will be limited to 18 people. Shawn will go over some new positions he is developing and drill to help build skills in the positions. Cost is $120 and is open to Stout PGH members and by invitation. Please message us asap if you have questions. We are only taking pre-registrations through Saturday the 30st for this event online here: Don’t miss this one!

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