Tanner started BJJ in 2014 as a 282 lb, ex-collegiate baseball player struggling with weight issues. “Prior to Jiu Jitsu, I was doing Crossfit and the neighboring gym was a Jiu Jitsu academy. The instructor of Crossfit was a purple belt in Jiu Jitsu and invited me over to roll after class one day. The instructor was 135lb. So I eagerly agreed thinking I would demolish this little guy. Was I wrong. How could I get steam rolled by a guy less than half my size??” Tanner quit Crossfit and joined Jiu Jitsu that day. Today Tanner has lost 100lbs, coaches kids Jiu Jitsu, coaches adult Jiu Jitsu, and is an active competitor. Tanner says jiu jitsu changed his life. He loves sharing all his knowledge on the mat while learning as much as his can simultaneously. He is currently brown belt rank at Stout PGH under Warren Stout