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Expert, Professional Trainers and a Great Facility near downtown Pittsburgh.

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We are a boutique gym in Pittsburgh close to downtown in the Strip District. Our trainers are some of the most qualified and passionate around. Our instructors certifications include CSCS certificates,  master’s degrees in exercise science, RKC kettlebell cert., certified personal trainer certifications, Crossfit LI and HKC kettlebell certifications. We train everyone from professional athletes to people who have never done any fitness activity in the past.  Make the most of your time, effort and money.

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A Look Inside Our Program

Some images of our classes below.

The beginning of my membership at Stout Training Pittsburgh coincided the "Transformation Challenge," an 8-week program designed to help individuals attain their own fitness goals... I had a blast doing it. Since the challenge ended, we’ve moved onto workouts made up of a series of swings, lifts, and other elements that I NEVER thought I’d be doing, such as pull-ups (with the assistance of some awesome resistance bands) and other strength and power-training exercises.* What I love most about the classes in general is that the workouts are so FAST.

Some background on me: I’m a 35 yr-old female with a decade-old ankle injury on which I recently had yet another surgery. Needless to say, I’m not in my absolute physical prime. That being said, I’ve hopped around from gym to gym frequently over the years; dabbling in Bikram yoga, spin, high-impact step aerobics and everything in between. I very rarely miss a day at the gym and always thought I gave it 100% when I was there. That is, until I experienced the Kettlebell workout(s) at STP. Side note – after 8 weeks of training, I returned to my regular gym for a spin class and didn’t drop one bead of sweat. I suddenly realized how tame those types of workouts can be!

Here’s what I think everyone needs to know about STP Fitness & Strength - Instruction: TOP NOTCH; Environment: Incredibly supportive; Workouts: The best of your life. I truly can’t say enough. Every time I talk STP, I turn into some crazed Billy Mays-type, but it’s just such a wonderful place that I hope everyone has a chance to experience.

(* Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.)

Aja Jones - PR/Marketing Manager Pittsburgh CLO

Meet Our Instructors

Our instructors are professionals who are passionate about Fitness & Strength Training. They ensure that you are always learning and striving to reach your goals. Our reputation is built on great instruction, so we are very proud of the quality of classes and training provided by these individuals.

Emily Kulakowski

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Will Morrill

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Fitness Trainer in Pittsburgh

Jarret Lewis

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About Fitness & Strength Training

We offer both group classes and personal training.  The two words that best describe our group classes are efficiency and effectiveness. Individual results vary but the focus of our instruction is to help you lose weight and to try and get you into shape in the least possible time.* (Read full disclaimer.) We emphasize technique so that everyone trains safely.  We cater to everyone from busy parents to  professional athletes.

You will be in and out in under an hour, with total work time of 30 minutes or less. You will loose fat, burn more calories throughout the week, sculpt your body proportions, and get more functional strength.* (Results may vary from person to person. Read full disclaimer.) The programing  formats vary.  The classes are fun and high energy to provide you with extra motivation. Its also a great way to meet new people (if you opt for group classes).

We have monthly membership and pay-per-class options at competitive rates. Group class-times include evenings, lunchtimes, and mornings.  All fitness levels welcome. In fact we have specific classes tailored to different fitness levels.

We use several tools and techniques  to help you get in shape. Our primary tool is the  kettlebell. We, as a gym, are considered one of the top resources in the city for learning and exercising with this tool. A few other examples of tools and techniques we use are TRX, sled, and barbells. We also offer barbell lifting group classes, an intense circuit class, and a special yoga class  to aid in stretching and recovery.   We also offer an affordable  “open gym” option for those that like to work out on their own, private training for those that want extra guidance, and written monthly programs for those somewhere in between.

We’re all about general health and wellness so we have a licensed masseuse that offers onsite massage.

We have  different membership options so that you can customize to what fits your budget and schedule. Our group class times are listed on the schedule page of this website.   Contact us to get started with our risk-free, no commitment introductory options.

Get Class Schedules & Intro Prices For This Program

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