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Our trainers are some of the most qualified and passionate around. Our head instructor Jarret Lewis, is one of three active trainers in the Pittsburgh Area that hold the coveted RKC certification. Our other instructors certifications include a master’s degree in exercise science, certified personal trainer certification and HKC kettlebell certification. We train everyone from professional athletes to people who have never done any fitness activity in the past.  Make the most of your time, effort and money. Contact us through the form below and get started.

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Meet Our Instructors

Our instructors are professionals who are passionate about Fitness & Strength Training. They ensure that you are always learning and striving to reach your goals. Our reputation is built on great instruction, so we are very proud of the quality of classes provided by these individuals.


Meet Emily. Your Kettlebell instructor, strength coach, yoga coach, and friend. Emily graduated from Penn State with a B.S. in Kinesiology. While at Penn State, she had a myriad of experiences that she believes made her the professional she is today. Emily trained golfers in Penn State’s PGM program, worked with special needs children, interned at a CrossFit (hey, don’t judge), and took a class with the legendary Dr. Zatsiorsky. She then earned her ACSM – HFS certification, qualifying her to work with special populations (moderate to high risk, pregnancy, etc.) and USAW.

Upon graduating, Emily immediately started her training with Yoga Sports Science® – integrating yoga into sports performance training. She moved home to New Orleans where she trained anyone from your grandpa to high level athletes. She recently moved to Pittsburgh – and quickly found Stout because she believes in our mission. She also interns at RMU – working with several teams in the weight room as well as teaching yoga.


Will Morrill is a  strength and conditioning  coach at Stout Training Pittsburgh. He studied kinesiolgy at Penn State University, after becoming interested in the science of human movement while practicing traditional martial arts and wrestling in high school. At Penn State, Will made it on to the boxing team and competed all four years, eventually becoming the team captain his senior year. Boxing cemented his interest in strength and conditioning and he earned his CSCS through the NSCA.  After training under Kru David Reese, Will traveled to Thailand in 2015 to train at 13 Coins Fight Gym.  He won his first professional Muay Thai fight in Thailand 11/2015 against a Thai fighter by TKO.  

Since college Will has trained a diverse population spanning from fighters and athletes to pregnant women and elderly adults. He prioritizes building strength, then utilizes it to achieve an individual’s goals such as building muscle, increasing power or athletic performance. Will teaches barbell and kettlebell classes at Stout Training Pittsburgh and helps coach the competitive fight team.  He also helps with the Muay Thai program and youth striking classes.  He does one-on-one training for competitive athletes and members who want extra work in Boxing, Muay Thai, and Strength & Fitness.  


Jarret is one of a hand full of instructors in the Pittsburgh area with the coveted RKC certification for kettlebell fitness.  Jarret was introduced to kettlebells in 2007 from a family member. Jarret brings his experience as a sergeant with the 1st Stryker Brigade training men for combat and his enthusiasm for kettlebells to our conditioning classes. began training jiu-jitsu under Jean Jacques Machado in 2007. He received his blue belt from Jean Jaques. Jarret moved to the Pittsburgh Area in 2010 and began training with team Renzo Gracie Pittsburgh. He competes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions at his belt level both locally and at national events. Jarret is a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  He is also an RN.

About Fitness & Strength Training

We offer both group classes focused on kettlebell work and personal training.  The two words that best describe our group classes are efficiency and effectiveness. Individual results vary but the focus of our instruction is to help you lose weight and to try and get you into shape in the least possible time.*  We emphasize technique so that everyone trains safely.  We cater to everyone from busy parents to  professional athletes.

You will be in and out in under an hour, with total work time of 30 minutes or less. You will loose fat, burn more calories throughout the week, sculpt your body proportions, and get more functional strength.* (Results may vary from person to person.) The programing  formats vary.  The classes are fun and high energy to provide you with extra motivation. Its also a great way to meet new people (if you opt for group classes).

We have monthly membership and pay-per-class options at competitive rates. Group class-times include evenings, lunchtimes, and mornings.  All fitness levels welcome. In fact we have specific classes tailored to different fitness levels.

We use several tools and techniques  to help you get in shape. Our primary tool is the  kettlebell. We, as a gym, are considered one of the top resources in the city for learning and exercising with this tool. A few other examples of tools and techniques we use are TRX and barbells. We also offer “boxing for fitness” classes and a circuit class that adopts some methodology similar to cross fit programs.

We have  different membership options so that you can customize to what fits your budget and schedule. Our group class times are listed on the schedule page of this website.   Contact us to get started with our risk-free, no commitment introductory options.

Get Class Schedules & Intro Prices For This Program

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